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AdultFriendFinder Won’t Load: SSL error problem

Making swinger friends with AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder (AFF) is one of our favorite online swinger dating websites but recently I came across a problem when using it. We were having an issue in that AdultFriendFinder won’t load. Luckily this wasn’t a major issue but it did take me a little while to figure out how to fix it so that I could use AFF again.

We use AFF a lot to make our swinger lifestyle connections. When you live in a rural area with no swinger clubs or resorts, we have found that AFF is the best online swinger dating service to meet other like-minded couples.

So I did get a little concerned when I got some error messages and found AdultFriendFinder not working for me. Eventually, I got it all straightened around but I figured that I would share my quick story and my quick fix to AFF not working.

My AdultFriendFinder won’t load Story

About a week ago, I went to log into AdultFriendFinder to check on some possible friends only to find AFF not working. Every time I went to log in I would get the error message below.

AdultFriendFinder won't load message
The AdultFriendFinder won’t load message I was getting

I knew that SSL errors usually have something to do with a website’s security certificate and the browser having trouble verifying the security certificate information. Basically, when your browser (Chrome, Edge, etc…) thinks that there may be an issue, you will see this error message rather than connecting you to the site.

I was not too concerned with AFF not working and figured it was something that AFF would get working on shortly. The next day, I went to log in again and got the same message.

I was a little annoyed this time but we were leaving that day for a trip to Paradise Lakes Resort so I didn’t want to get caught up in working on it for too long. When we go to swinger resorts and swinger clubs, we use SLS (SwingLifestyle) more than AFF as it is geared more towards lifestyle events and clubs than AFF is.

When we got back from Paradise Lakes, I found AFF not working again with the same error message and I knew I had to do something about it.

My AdultFriendFinder Not Working Fix

AFF Hook up
We have used AFF to meet many other couples

I tried to figure out what was the cause of AFF not working. I was pretty sure that the issue did not have anything to do with the actual SSL certificate as AFF is a pretty good-sized site and they would have fixed that quickly.

I went to the site on my phone and was able to access it so I knew that the problem had to be on my computer. Of course, my first thought was to Google the issue and start going through all of the potential solutions.

I found that the best resource for this issue was an article that I found here. This article gave some pretty good solutions. Some were easy and some a little more difficult.

I went with what I thought were the easy ones first. I cleared my browser history, restarted my browser, and tried using the incognito browser with no luck. That is when it hit me that I should just try resetting my computer.

Amazingly, once I reset the computer everything worked and I could log into AFF again. I don’t know why that is not the first thing that I would try or why it would not be in the article. So if you run into a problem with this site not working, do a simple computer restart before getting all stressed out as I did.

If that doesn’t work, then go ahead and try all of the other steps. AFF is a good-sized swinger dating site so they won’t ever be down for too long. This means that whatever problems are probably something pretty simple on your side.

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