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Caliente Resort Review: A fun swinger oasis in Florida

Caliente Resort review
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My wife and I have been visiting swinger lifestyle resorts for years. We have checked out swinger resorts in the USA, the islands, and Mexico. With all of those travels, we have found that some of the best swinger resorts are right here in the USA. With that in mind, we offer this Caliente Resort review.

In general, the Caliente swingers resort is one of the top swinger destinations in North America. It is the biggest and most luxurious swinger lifestyle resort that we have been to in the USA. The scenery, amenities, and swinger lifestyle options will remind you of the big resorts in Jamaica or Cancun.

So now let’s take a look at what the Caliente swingers resort has to offer. We will look at the amenities, the swinger lifestyle scene at the resort, and the pricing of the resort. Additionally, we will give you the story of our personal trip to this top Florida swinger resort.

The Overall Caliente Resort Review

The Caliente Resort is our favorite swinger lifestyle resort to visit in the USA. The resort is just beautiful and well-maintained. When you visit here you feel like you have made a tropical escape. In a nutshell, the Caliente swinger lifestyle resort earns an excellent ranking for its overall appeal.

The resort has a really great sexual vibe, especially after dark. If you are new to the lifestyle, you can find different levels of intensity and different activities going on in different areas. This makes it easy to find an area where you are comfortable.

If you are still feeling things out, you can hang out by the incredible lagoon with a waterfall. This area is clothing optional but does not see a lot of sexual activity.

If you feel more adventuresome you can go up to the conversation pool or hot tub on the upper deck. After dark and sometimes before that, this becomes a sexually charged area with people interacting in all types of manner from chatting all the way to sex.

The adult playroom is the area if you are looking if you just want to see or participate in all kinds of sexual activity. You will be amazed by how this area of the resort is professionally run and maintained. You will find that this helps you to let go.

What we found to be the best about the Caliente Resort was just how professionally run the facility was. Everything was well maintained and clean. There was always plenty of staff around. So while they did not interfere with your fun, you felt like this was a safe environment to relax and have fun.

The one negative that we have found for this top Florida swinger resort is that it can be a little pricey. By the time you take into account the rooms, meals, and drinks, you can easily be paying $400-$600 per night for a couple.

Even just visiting for the night without staying over will run you a couple of hundred dollars. This makes the Caliente swingers resort much more expensive than the other swinger resort alternatives in the area. You may even find that a trip to a top getaway resort like Hedonism is even cheaper for a vacation.

The Caliente Swinger Resort Facilities

This clothing-optional top Florida swinger resort has a ton of amenities. It is a great sport for people new to the swinger lifestyle and for those that have a lot of experience.

In general, you will find that the Caliente’s rooms and facilities are much newer and in better shape than what you will find at any of the other Florida resorts.

The Caliente’s Amenities include:

  • Dining Room
  • Tiki Bar
  • Sauna
  • Oversized Hot Tub
  • Pickle Ball/Tennis Courts
  • 24 Hour Gym
  • 2 Water Volleyball Pools
  • Oversized Conversation Pool
  • Sand Volleyball Courts
  • Sports Bar
  • Yoga Room
  • 1/4 Acre Lagoon Pool with Waterfall
  • Tiki Pool
  • Outdoor Showers
  • Gratto Bar
  • Steam Room
  • Dining Room
  • 2 Mile Walking Trail on Property
  • The Adult Playroom

The Caliente Resort definitely throws off the swinger lifestyle vibes. The conversation pool and hot tub on the upper deck are full of people seeking to make new friends after dark. This may be a little overwhelming if you are new to the lifestyle but there is no need to be afraid.

The Caliente does a great job of keeping everything under control. There is helpful staff and security all over the place and people do not step over the line. People will approach you and say hi but they will also leave you alone if you do not show interest.

You literally feel like you are at some upscale tropical resort while staying at the Caliente. Our review score for the resort amenities at the Caliente Swinger Lifestyle Resort is that they are excellent.

Florida is the best place in the USA for swinger lifestyle resorts. If you are interested in seeing all that they have to offer check out Top 5 Florida Swinger Lifestyle Resorts.

The Caliente Resort Playroom

The adult playroom at the Caliente swingers resort is the center of the swinger lifestyle fun at the Caliente. There are a number of ways that you can have fun in this nudity-required area.

This playroom is extremely busy on weekends but it is a great deal of fun.

When you enter the playroom area there is a locker room area where you will take off your clothes and store them while you are visiting. Attendants will check you in and explain how the playroom works to you. You are given towels that you can wear while in the playroom if you desire to do so.

How the Caliente Playroom Works

Once you enter the Caliente playroom area, there is a seating area where you can sit and chat with other couples if you want. This seating area also has a large window that looks into a room with a large bedroom area. Couples or groups can put on a show in this room if they are into that.

There are a number of rooms with one or two beds in them. These rooms have curtain doorways that you can use for your privacy.

The general rule for occupied rooms is that if the curtain is all the way open then it is ok to enter the room and watch or even start using the other bed. If the curtain is partway open, it is ok to look in and watch but do not enter. If the curtain is closed then keep on moving.

In all areas of the Caliente playroom, you can not ever touch or join anyone without being asked to join. In our visits here we have always seen this rule observed and the staff would immediately kick you out if you broke this rule.

There is also a large group area with multiple separate beds. This is another area where you can either watch or put on a show for other couples.

The best part of the playroom at the Caliente is how clean and well-kept the facilities are. The staff cleans up immediately after a bed is vacated and you feel like you are in a clean and safe environment. My wife is very much a clean freak and this is the one playroom where she feels comfortable at all times.

The Sex Scene at the Caliente Swingers Resort

Sex scene at Caliente Resort

The sex scene at the Caliente swingers resort is not limited to just the adult playroom. The outside resort area is all clothing optional but sexuality does not stop with that.

The upper deck conversation pool or hot tub is meant for those seeking a little fun. After dark and sometimes before that, this becomes a sexually charged area with people interacting in all types of manner from chatting all the way to sex.

If you are looking to meet up with some people for fun back in your room then this would probably be the place to meet them.

While the Caliente playroom is the main area for public sex at this top Florida swinger resort. Sometimes the action in this upper deck area can be just as wild. You may not want to venture up here at night if you are on the timid side.

Our review score for the swinger amenities and resources at the Caliente Swinger Lifestyle Resort is that they are excellent.

Our Swinger Experience at the Caliente Resort

sex at Caliente Resort

We spent three evenings at the Caliente Resort and had some great swinger experiences each and every night. We had a great time and both of us left completely satisfied with our trip.

To get the mundane aspects out of the way. We found the restaurant service to be great and we enjoyed our evening dinners. There were multiple bars located at the resort so it was fairly easy to get your drinks whenever you wanted.

Now I want to dive into a little bit more of the details of what a couple might expect for swinger action at this top Florida swinger resort. To set things up. We are your common middle-aged married couple. She is pretty hot and I am definitely a dad bod type of guy.

Neither one of us are extremely outgoing but we can be talkative once we are engaged. We found that there were a lot of friendly couples at the Caliente Resort to talk and laugh with.

Our First Swinger Experience at the Caliente Resort

Our first sex at Caliente Resort

The first time we visited the Caliente Resort was fairly early on in our swinger life. We had not played with any other couples and had just got comfortable being naked around other couples at resorts.

We had heard a lot about the Caliente Resort and were looking forward to checking it out. The night we went was an animal theme night. There were a lot of sexy couples dressed in animal costumes that were fairly intense.

We started out by taking in the music and dance floor area. As the night wore on and we gathered a little liquid courage, we decided to try out the Caliente Resort playroom.

We started out by having sex in one of the individual rooms with the curtain partway open. Quite a few couples stopped by and looked in on us. I remember the thrill of seeing another couple touching each other in the doorway as we fooled around on the bed.

At this point, it seems so tame but at that time it was totally wild for us and so exciting.

Later on that night, we went to the group playroom. We ended up on a bed with another couple on the bed next to us. This turned into a major new experience for us.

We started out with my wife performing oral sex on me while we watched the other couple doing the same. After exchanging a few looks with the other couple, we ended up swapping partners for oral sex. This was our first soft-swap experience.

At that time, I never thought that we would actually dare to go that far but it was so easy at the Caliente playroom. The Caliente Resort playroom was so clean and safe feeling. My wife was so relaxed there. It was just a great experience for a new couple.

Our Second Visit to the Caliente Swingers Resort

Caliente Resort Our Threesome

The second time we visited the Caliente swingers resort we stayed for two nights. On the two nights, we had quite different swinger experiences.

Once again, we found that the cleanliness and professionalism that we encountered at the Caliente Resort increased our comfort level. This is extremely important to my wife. She really likes feeling like she is in a high-class place. It helps her to relax and let lose a little bit.

On our first night there, we did something for my wife. While at the conversation pool area on the upper deck, we met a guy that she found really attractive. He started a conversation with us that led to a lot more.

She ended up performing oral sex on both of us at the conversation pool. As things progressed we ended up going back to our room. Both of us guys had a great night doing everything that we could do to pleasure my wife. She says that she still thinks of it as one of the best times she has ever had.

On our second night of this stay, we met another couple at the hot tub on the upper deck after dark. We had a great night of talking and laughing. The night progressed with some touching and soft swapping in the hot tub.

Eventually, as things heated up, we ended up going to the Caliente Resort playroom to continue things. We found an unoccupied room in the playroom and had a side-by-side swap behind closed doors. Once again, it was another fun night at the Caliente swingers resort.

Accommodations at the Caliente Resort

There are a number of accommodation options at the Caliente Resort. All of these options are usually of a much higher quality than what you find at most other swinger lifestyle resorts.

The hotel rooms have king-sized beds, mirrored ceilings, microwaves, a mini-refrigerator, and a balcony overlooking the resort.

There are also one-bedroom and two-bedroom condos available. These are more spacious than the hotel rooms and have fully equipped kitchens.

The third option is the Casitas which are like small modular homes with full kitchens. These tend to be further away from the actual resort than the other accommodations.

Our review score for the accommodations at the Caliente Swinger Lifestyle Resort is that they are good.

Pricing at the Caliente Resort

The accommodation pricing at the Caliente Resort is a little pricier than the average for Florida swinger lifestyle resorts. The prices are all listed in the table above. Of course, the cheapest way to stay at the resort is to find another couple to share a 2-bedroom unit with.

You can also save some money on your accommodations if you take the membership tour. I have not done this personally but it is listed on their website as a “1-hour relaxed club membership introduction over a complimentary breakfast, or lunch”.

The day passes which are not included in your accommodations are $125 per day for a couple. You can money on this if you do partial day passes. We usually did the after 6 p.m which was when all the action was happening. These passes can be as low as $27 for a couple after 6 on a weekday.

We found that the food and drinks at the Caliente were moderately priced. Things were not cheap but not as expensive as you might think. You can get a meal for around $20 and a mixed drink for around $10.

Our review score for the pricing at the Caliente Swinger Lifestyle Resort is that the prices are somewhat high.

The Average Age, Body Type, Penis Size, and Sex at the Caliente Resort

We found that the average age at the Caliente Resort was a little younger than what we had encountered at some of the other resorts. While the age range was all over the place from the twenties to the sixties, the average age on weekends was probably in the mid-thirties.

The average body type at the Caliente Resort also tended to be a little more on the fit side than some of the other resorts. This may be due to the younger age range. Once again, all of the body types were here so you do not need to worry about standing out no matter what your body type is.

There was a good mix of the sexes at the resort. We would say that approximately 60% of the guests were men and 40% were women.

Another question that is commonly asked is about penis size at this type of resort. A lot of men are concerned about this prior to their first visit to a place like this.

If this concerns you, the good news is that it is not a big deal to most people. The bad news is that penis size at this type of resort tends to be bigger than what you find in the general population. Basically, it seems that men with bigger penises are more comfortable showing them in public.

To learn more about this issue, you can check out Penis Size at Nudist Resorts for more information.

Where is the Caliente Swingers Resort Located?

The exact location and contact information for the Caliente Resort is:

21240 Gran Via Blvd
Land O Lakes, FL. 34637

This top Florida swinger resort is about a 1/2 hours drive north of Tampa and the Tampa Airport (TPA). It is also less than an hour’s drive from Clearwater Beach. Nearby attractions include Busch Gardens, The Florida Aquarium, The Lowry Park Zoo, and Raymond James Stadium (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

The Tampa Bay area is considered by many to be the nudist capital of the United States. There are several other nudist resorts and attractions in the area of Paradise Lakes. These resorts include Lake Como Co-Op Inc, The Woods RV Resort-Clothing Optional, The Island Group, Inc., Riverboat Club Inc, and Paradise Lakes Resort.

How to Find Partners at the Caliente Swingers Resort

There are a few easy ways to find other couples to connect with at the Caliente swingers resort. The easiest way does require being a little outgoing but not too much.

You can easily meet other couples by just hanging out in the conversation pool or hot tub. If you hang out here long enough someone will usually start up a conversation with you. If not, you can always take the plunge and initiate the conversation. We have often met some great play partners this way.

Another method of getting acquainted with other couples is through the use of the playrooms at these resorts. You can find a couple that is using a bed in a room that has multiple beds and just take up a spot next to them.

There are rules with this but usually, if someone is playing with the door open then you can go in and use the bed next to them. Side-by-side play can easily lead to a little more.

My wife and I can be a little on the shy side so we like to prearrange things whenever possible. We have used a couple of websites that cater to helping swingers meet up with one another.

Two of our favorite websites to find couples to meet up with at these resorts are SLS (SwingLifestyle) and Adult Friend Finder. We are more comfortable communicating online ahead of time. You can search the area local to the resort you are staying at for couples that you would like to meet.

If you are going to be involved in the swinger lifestyle, SLS (SwingLifestyle) is basically essential. This is the most popular swinger site and is great to meet up with swingers at resorts.

We use Adult Friend Finder to meet some more local people but can still be useful to meet up with other swingers at resorts like the Caliente Resort.

Important Note to All Men

I love the lifestyle that my wife and I have now. We visit nude beaches and nude resorts all the time and have a great time. I never felt comfortable doing this before because I struggled for years with erectile dysfunction and feelings of insecurity about my penis size

I knew that my wife loved me no matter what but I felt uncomfortable going to nude places or any sexually charged place because I just could not perform properly. My erectile dysfunction took over my life and destroyed my self-confidence.

For similar reasons, I felt insecure about my penis size. I knew that I was actually about average in that area but that was not good enough for me.

Unfortunately, going to swinger resorts will not make you feel better about your penis size. You will find that the men that go to clothing-optional swinger resorts tend to have larger penises, especially the Caliente Resort. You can read more about our penis size observations at Penis Size at Nudist Resorts.

If I was going to surround my wife and myself with other naked couples, I wanted to be above average. It was no different than exercising and lifting weights to lose weight and add muscle. I just wanted to look my best in these circumstances.

I know that penis size

How I Gave Myself the Confidence to Embrace the Lifestyle

Confidence is extremely important for any man to enjoy the swinger lifestyle. If you have the same concerns that I had then there is hope for you.

Your top priority has to be your erection quality which is addressed in the Being Able to Perform section below. Without good erection quality, it is really hard to enjoy the swinger lifestyle or work on an issue like penis size.

Penis size is a little more difficult to address but it can be done with a little time and effort. Read the Making an Impression section below to find out how to do this in a scientifically proven method.

Being Able to Perform

I tried everything to overcome my erectile dysfunction without success. I tried prescription pills, supplements, penis injections, and vacuum devices/rings. After everything failed, I thought that penis implant surgery was my only option.

That is when I discovered acoustic wave therapy. This type of treatment was the cure for my erectile dysfunction and changed my life around. I can not say enough about this treatment as it gave me confidence in my erection ability to embrace the swinger lifestyle.

You can read about my story about “shockwave” treatment for erection quality and how I found an effective and affordable device at The Phoenix ED Device: How I achieved incredible erections

I personally used the Phoenix device to help overcome my erectile dysfunction. The Phoenix is a fully functional FDA-registered device for home use with a 98% success rate.

The Phoenix device is shown to fix poor blood flow which is the leading cause of ED. Additionally, the Phoenix safely eliminates plaque in penile blood vessels and triggers the growth of more blood vessels.

I truly believe in this product. Whether you try the Phoenix or some other form of acoustic wave therapy, you really need to check it out before settling on a life with erectile dysfunction or getting an implant.

Making an Impression

In regards to penis size, there is actually a way to increase your penis size. This is not through the use of magic pills, lotions, or any other quick and easy fix. This is not something that will double your size or happen overnight but you can achieve modest gains over the course of a few months.

The use of penis traction devices is the only scientifically proven way that works but it takes time and effort. This is not easy and you need to really be committed to the use of these devices in order for it to work.

With these devices and a commitment on my part, I was able to add over an inch of length to my penis in about a year. I saw increases in about a month that continued over time. Once again, this will require significant time and effort investment but it is possible for those that really desire it.

These gains did nothing to add to my sexual ability but they did help to give me the self-confidence at these clothing-optional swinger resorts and clubs. I can let it all hang out now with no insecurity.

To find out more about penis traction devices be sure to read Do Penis Traction Devices work? This article contains information about the devices, scientific studies about the devices, and my personal results using the devices.